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Sailing with CAT is a special experience

It means fast sailing on a stable and luxurious catamaran which is fully equipped and also looks spectacular. The catamaran can accommodate twelve people and is suitable for numerous activities.

A trip on the Markermeer as you have not experienced before. With CAT you are guaranteed a great day!

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About us

Peter and Sylvia are sailing since their early childhood and both sailed many regattas. Peter also has been trained as a sailing instructor and has over ten years experience as a trainer and coach. In 2019 Peter and Sylvia bought CAT in England and carry her along to the harbor in Amsterdam. Ready for a new adventure.

More about us

The experiences say enough

  • Unforgettable day!

    I’ve enjoyed it! I love sailing from an early age, but due to brain damage that I sustained in December 2018, I was no longer able to carry out this hobby. via via I heard about Sail the Cat and contacted Peter and Sylvia if they could help me to make my dream come true, because I could go sailing on the water again, Sylvia also turned out to be an Occupational Therapist, we spoke a bit my abilities and limitations were at that time and decided that it should be possible to go sailing and it was a day to remember !! Sylvia guided me perfectly and I enjoyed sailing, then I came back once a month, but of course my goal remains to work towards sailing again myself! thanks Peter and Sylvia for this incredible day <3 <3

  • Most beautiful sunset in ages

    It was a fun trip! Wonderful to see how passionate Peter and Sylvia manage the catamaran. The Markermeer has various views and with the most beautiful sunset I have seen in ages, it was a top trip. Very hospitable! You are looking at what is on board in terms of facilities.

  • An unforgettable 21st birthday party!

    A special experience on a luxury boat. Everything was there, a beautiful boat trip, warm weather, snacks, champagne and fun! Everyone enjoyed this complete and very well organized day. The boat is spacious enough for a large group, comfortable seats, enough facilities and nice and social staff. Compliments! Highly recommended.

  • A day full of fun and relaxation

    The day trip with the CAT was an unforgettable experience. We sailed with a group of friends along many beautiful places and above all we could laugh and relax a lot, a great day! The CAT offers a lot of luxury and possibilities and is the perfect place to be on the water. An absolute must, there is no more fun outing!

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