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Sailing with CAT is a special experience

It means fast sailing on a stable and luxurious catamaran which is fully equipped and also looks spectacular. The catamaran can accommodate twelve people and is suitable for numerous activities.

A trip on the Markermeer as you have not experienced before. With CAT you are guaranteed a great day!

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About us

Peter and Sylvia are sailing since their early childhood and both sailed many regattas. Peter also has been trained as a sailing instructor and has over ten years experience as a trainer and coach. In 2019 Peter and Sylvia bought CAT in England and carry her along to the harbor in Amsterdam. Ready for a new adventure.

More about us

The experiences say enough

  • Unforgettable bachelor day

    It was a wonderful trip with this beautiful Catamaran! A bachelor day you will never forget. We were allowed to hang our own decorations, took beautiful pictures and enjoyed the afternoon. Peter and Sylvia are very hospitable! In short, a great day!

    Myrel, June 12, 2021

  • Enjoyed it immensely

    We were a family with two children aged 10 and 9. We did a 3 hour tour. We all really enjoyed the trip. A great way to get acquainted with the IJsselmeer. And you see everything from a different side. Children are never bored. Also Peter & Sylvia had taken good care of us. Enough to drink and snack.
    Highly recommended!

    Jolanda, May 30, 2021

  • Beautiful trip on the Markermeer

    A wonderful experience with our family with three small children aged 4, 6 and 7 years old. Peter & Sylvia are very friendly and welcoming. The kids really enjoyed looking below deck in the Catamaran. We had a very nice afternoon.

    family Kelderman, May 8, 2021

  • Freedom and relaxation.

    Good start for a wonderful sailing trip. We enjoyed a lot. A trip with little wind at first, later the wind picked up and there was a lot of sailing. A nice experience to do this with their beautiful catamaran. Beautiful ship and great crew. Worth repeating.

    Paul & Caroline, April 27, 2021

  • Very nice day on the water!

    We had a really nice afternoon. Nice on the water, relaxing on deck, taking nice pictures … and in the meantime some chips and drink. We would love to come back one more time … what a beautiful sailing boat!

    Milou, 25 July 2020

  • Day out with the grandchildren.

    We were sailing for a day with 7 grandchildren. The children aged 10 to 21 really enjoyed this fantastic day. The youngest answered GENIUSLY to his mother’s question “how was it?”

    Lars, 14 Aug 2020

  • Wonderful trip, super boat, nice people

    Enjoyed this morning (13 Aug 2020)! 30+ degrees is no problem on the boat. Wonderful trip that is over too soon. Great host and hostess! Nice people with a nice story. About the boat, about their own history, about your contribution to the world, about enjoyment. For those interested, stories about the background / history of the area could also be additional interesting information, but the time is actually too short.

    Took a nice dip halfway through. And completely back at ease. Actually charged unexpectedly!

    Hope to meet you again. Good luck with everything.



  • Relaxation for the whole family!

    After a wonderful sunny day we sat on the terrace in the harbor of Uitdam and looked out on a beautiful catamaran, what an experience it would be to sail there, and it turns out you can rent that boat including a very experienced sailing couple and also very nice people.
    A call was enough to record the day, so easy.
    On the day itself we were warmly welcomed, a little explanation and off we went, 2 adults and 4 children, the weather forecast was 30 degrees and a moderate breeze. Coffee, tea and drinks are all on board. Kids in front, nose in the wind, what a luxury. Made a stopover in Katwoude, had a lovely swim and a bite to eat.
    And again the tossing water, the mainsail and the jib. Meanwhile a little more wind and Peter (owner of the ship) thought it was a good idea to let the genaker do his job, a mighty sight.
    On the mainsail and genaker back to Uitdam, around the lighthouse of Marken, it couldn’t be more Dutch.
    TOP DAY!!

    Edwin, 7 Aug 2020

  • Wonderfully relaxing

    What a wonderful day (9 Aug 2020).
    Come off the boat completely relaxed.
    The crew was very professional and super nice.
    We were with a large group.
    And we were allowed to help ourselves.
    Hoisting with the sail.
    That was great for our teenage son.
    So a successful day.


  • Freedom!

    Last week (2 Aug 2020) we went sailing for a day on the Catamaran with our family and the partners of our children. The group consisted of 8 people. We have been warmly welcomed by Captain Peter and his wife. The weather was also good. It was neither too hot nor too cold. We started our trip in Uitdam with the wind in our hair. Nice chilling on the deck. While sailing we hoisted extra sails together. We were provided with all kinds of background information about the boat and the couple’s experiences. We were allowed to steer one by one at the helm. In the afternoon we went ashore in the Monnickendam region for lunch. Then we sailed around the beautiful lighthouse of Marken for a swim nearby. During this refreshing dive we combined a round with the rubber motor boat, which was also very nice! Together with a snack and a drink on board, this was a very successful day.


  • IJsselmeer tour: unforgettable

    Awesome trip! Our kids (4, 6 and 8 years) had a great time, asked a lot of questions (haha) and didn’t want to leave the CAT. Great hospitality and ambiance. Thanks a lot!

    Rogier, 1 aug 2020

  • What a great afternoon!

    Today (July 25, 2020) made a trip with two families on the Markermeer. Such a fun experience. The children enjoyed it. Everything is very well taken care of, Peter and Sylvia are very warm and hospitable. A really wonderful afternoon on the water. Recommended!


  • The best music video in years!

    How do you get to team building if you can also lie in the sun, while the water shoots under you, you get the feeling that you are in a video clip and your eyes are too short for the beautiful surroundings? I still don’t quite get it, but still, it is possible! Thanks to Peter’s qualities we had the best team building day in years. Highly recommended for everyone!

  • Around the CAT

    What a fantastic location for a team day. In complete freedom, open on the water, under perfect guidance. Peter radiates calm, asks the right questions and also gives a lesson in sailing. A special day in a unique place. And even a swim around the catamaran.

  • A special team day on the water

    At the end of June we as MT were allowed to use the services of Sail the Cat. A day in the context of team building and determining focus areas as a team. I look back on this day with great pleasure. In addition to the craftsmanship as a skipper, Peter has an eye for his guests and ensures a relaxed atmosphere where the business side and the fun go hand in hand. A day that is certainly worth repeating.

  • Unforgettable day!

    I’ve enjoyed it! I love sailing from an early age, but due to brain damage that I sustained in December 2018, I was no longer able to carry out this hobby. via via I heard about Sail the Cat and contacted Peter and Sylvia if they could help me to make my dream come true, because I could go sailing on the water again, Sylvia also turned out to be an Occupational Therapist, we spoke a bit my abilities and limitations were at that time and decided that it should be possible to go sailing and it was a day to remember !! Sylvia guided me perfectly and I enjoyed sailing, then I came back once a month, but of course my goal remains to work towards sailing again myself! thanks Peter and Sylvia for this incredible day <3 <3

  • Most beautiful sunset in ages

    It was a fun trip! Wonderful to see how passionate Peter and Sylvia manage the catamaran. The Markermeer has various views and with the most beautiful sunset I have seen in ages, it was a top trip. Very hospitable! You are looking at what is on board in terms of facilities.

  • An unforgettable 21st birthday party!

    A special experience on a luxury boat. Everything was there, a beautiful boat trip, warm weather, snacks, champagne and fun! Everyone enjoyed this complete and very well organized day. The boat is spacious enough for a large group, comfortable seats, enough facilities and nice and social staff. Compliments! Highly recommended.

  • A day full of fun and relaxation

    The day trip with the CAT was an unforgettable experience. We sailed with a group of friends along many beautiful places and above all we could laugh and relax a lot, a great day! The CAT offers a lot of luxury and possibilities and is the perfect place to be on the water. An absolute must, there is no more fun outing!

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