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Markermeer, formerly part of the Zuiderzee, is the playing field of CAT. The beautiful lake is located between North Holland and Flevoland and borders the IJsselmeer (where we like to sail for multi-day trips). The lake is part of the National Park New Country: the protected status preserves the beautiful flora and fauna, and clean (bathing) water. The Marker Wadden is a unique nature reserve in development. A natural paradise for birds and fish and a delightful recreation island; with watchtowers, hiking and many beaches.

On the water’s always something to see: beautiful nature, vessels, vistas and landmarks including the Horse of Marken (lighthouse from 1839). Along the Markermeer are several historic villages including Muiden, Edam, Volendam and Marken. A visit to one of these places is easily combined with a day trip on the water.

On the Markermeer you come to peace!

Fort Pampus; the pearl of the Markermeer

Some 30 years ago Pampus was there to beat. The fortress island was plundered, had lost its luster, and there was little hope for a glorious future. Fortunately, the tide turned and found the former defensive stronghold owned by a foundation that took the fort considerable progress. With grab cranes and bulldozers removed all the debris, making the corridors and rooms fort again gave access. It was decided that the ‘Almere side’ of fort Pampus would remain intact, but the ‘Amsterdam side” got a makeover. There was a multimedia route full of video and sound that brought history to life Pampus: Pampus Route.
If you look from the air to this defense, you understand how ingenious it all figured out and why this proposition has gained UNESCO World Heritage status.

On the south side of the island are two jetties that can be moored. Elsewhere, construction is forbidden and dangerous. The fort guards of Pampus help with finding a safe place in the harbor.

foto Siebe Swart

copyright foto/photo Siebe Swart



Muiden is a city and has everything that makes a day trip so enjoyable. You can stroll through historic streets, browse through charming shops, enjoy the sun on one of the many terraces and your eyes looking at beautiful ships entering the imposing sea lock. If you visit Muiden you should definitely take a look at the Muiderslot. The castle is situated at the mouth of the river Vecht in the IJ Lake. Tower and Knight Road in the castle takes you through the medieval castle of Count Floris V, principal of the Muiderslot. You can do an audio tour and there are guided tours. For children there is an interactive treasure hunt with a virtual accolade as dazzling finishing touch. The fortress ramparts shows seven centuries. The garden and the falconer are worth a visit. More information about Muiderslot visit


Uitdam is a small village, with a population between 160 and 190 people. Because of the small core it is sometimes referred to as a hamlet. However, the village does have its own church. The present church dates from 1937 and is a church bell. The oldest Reformed Church dating from the 17th century but was demolished in 1836. The new church was opened in 1843 but was again demolished in 1903, and finally the present church was built. The church organ was built by the firm Flentrop Orgelbouw in Zaandam in 1982. The main core of Uitdam is located at Dorpstraat Uitdammer opposite Uitdammer Die, but there is habitation in the countryside.


Visiting Volendam usually begins with a walk along the Bund, the main harbor promenade, a lively shopping and residential street. On the one hand you have the working trawlers and fishing boats, which is still the lifeline for so many in the area. Alternatively, you can admire the traditional wooden buildings and houses. Use your time in the fishing village to the freshly caught seafood to sample in a range of cafes and restaurants.


Who is going to Marken, the small wooden houses can not be overlooked. Until the seventeenth century, the residents built their houses on mounds, which they themselves ‘recruit’ called. This was a flood protection. Then started building the residents houses on stilts. Since the construction of the Dam, the island floods not suffer, but the typical houses remained. In addition, a visit to the Clog very rewarding, as well as visiting the Marker Museum with an exhibition on the costumes.

Marken is a small island that you can visit easily by foot. Including the dike the perimeter of the island, is about 9 kilometers. Do not forget to visit the “Horse of Marken. This lighthouse from 1839 still works. It’s a real beauty; the white tower with the red cap is a popular photo object.




The small fishing industry, and an ideal location from which dates back to the Dutch Golden age, in which the location is an ideal point of access to the busier towns and cities such as Alkmaar and Purmerend. During this time, several shipyards and smokehouses are built, which are still in operation. It’s possible that if you take a stroll through the pretty cobbled streets of the town and along the scenic waterfront, you catch a touch of fresh smoked eel. Still, better to have fresh eel yourself in one of the many restaurants. In an ideal location, you will be struck by the old-worldly beauty of the city. Take a stroll along the harbour and you will find fishing boats, to the centuries-old, well-preserved monuments of ancient architecture to see. Visit for example the Great or St Nicholas’s Church, a 15th-century brick church was built in the gothic style, and the Waterland Museum, carillon tower, which has been linked to a majestic clock tower.


Edam is an attractive city that has more to offer than cheese. The historic building, the quays lined with trees along the water, and it is a well-kept secret-the peace and quiet at a short distance from the capital city of Amsterdam. There is the status of the conservation area. In the municipality of Edam-Volendam has in addition to the 202 entry in the officially registered monuments, and more than 64 local monuments. The tour guides can tell more about it. Just outside of the city, is located the Fort near Edam, which is part of the defence line of Amsterdam, bordering almost on the Landscape, both of which are Unesco World Heritage sites. The well-organized center that offers a wide range of good specialist shops, lively outdoor cafés, and a wide variety of places of interest. A special mention should be made of the largest Church in Europe, with its beautiful stained-glass windows, and the Edam Museum is one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands.


Hoorn must-see again, hear, taste and feel! The past of the powerful Dutch East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries with its beautiful vessels maintained trade relations with Asian countries, you have come across anywhere. That gives the city its special atmosphere.

History not only see in the old town, but also to the port. It seems as if time stood still. The sails are hoisted, swabbed the deck and smell almost the spices which took the VOC of his travels in the Far East. Of course you can sit here very well on a terrace; there is finally enough to see on and around the water.


The history of the East India Company, abbreviated VOC, is still clearly visible in Enkhuizen. The VOC was in the 17th and 18th centuries, the largest trading company in the world who traveled with his wonderful ships to Asian countries to trade. The convenient location on the IJsselmeer was attractive to settle for a ‘room’ of the VOC. The Drommedaris, the defense tower of the port and the center of the historic buildings are reminders of this prosperous time.

Naturally water sports can indulge themselves here. Modern marinas are equipped with all comforts and a trip to the center is easily made. It is therefore not surprising that many ships from the brown fleet have here their home.

Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden is a unique nature reserve in development. A natural paradise for birds and fish and a delightful recreation island; with watchtowers, hiking and many beaches where you can swim. You can enjoy long hours, walking, bird watching and relaxing!

From the harbor, you can explore the island through various hiking and plank bridges with a total length of 12 kilometers. You can also go directly to the beach behind the harbor or walk to the North Beach; a walk of about three kilometers. A part of the paths is suited for wheelchair users.

Along the trails are three birdwatch, the cormorant, the Spoonbill and Diving Duck. Bring binoculars and enjoy the many birds without disturbing them.

Enjoy the expansive beach Marker Wadden. Swimming is possible, but at your own risk and only allowed at the beaches.

Catering, pavilion
In 2019 there are more facilities for visitors, such as a small catering. Late summer you can visit the new island pavilion. There are always present island guards who can provide more information and sometimes a tour.